What is Robotium? Robotium is a test framework for Android applications. It supports both native and hybrid applications. Using Robotium framework, function, system and user acceptance tests can be written which span across multiple Android activities. These tests inherit from ActivityInstrumentationTestCase2. By end of this article you will Understand what is Robotium Get an idea… Read More

Today we will cover how to add android wear pages to a notification. Adding Android wear pages to a notification is quite easy process if you know how to create wearable notification. Why we need Android Wear Pages? Sometime you would like to provide more information with notification without letting user to open the app… Read More

What are Notifications? Notifications are ways in which an application tells the user that something significant has occurred that might interest the user. Use of notifications It is mainly helpful when application is not in foreground but intends to communicate some information to its user. The information could be of any form like a message… Read More

In our previous article we have explained how to create Android Wear Notification. Today, we will extend our knowledge to how to create Android Wear specific Action. In this article we will be covering: Adding Action on Wear Android Wear specific Action Adding Action on Wear In setContentIntent(), we are adding the primary content action,… Read More

Android Wear Notification is the first way to use your wearable devices in sync with your handheld devices. Notification is a message, which you can display outside the normal UI of the applications. Notifications intend to notify the user about some event occurrence. In handheld devices, notification can be seen at notification drawer and Android… Read More

Google On March 18,2014 came out with Android wear, extending the Android Ecosystem to wearable devices. Designing apps on android wear is completely different from that off smartphones or tablets. In Android Wear, user interface have two major components – the Context Stream and the Cue Card. Context Stream Context Stream is one of the… Read More

Following are the steps you need to follow for Connecting android wear to handheld devices. Make sure you stick to the steps and enjoy the Android wear adventure along with us!! Connecting Android Wear emulator to phone Setting up Wear emulator You need to download the Android 4.4W SDK to begin. To do this, start… Read More