In this tutorial we will learn about how to use volley for fetching the JSON results. If you are new to volley you can read our previous article, where we had discussed pretty much in detailed to start with volley. In this article we will be creating an application (I called it as Mars Application)… Read More

Volley Volley is a library developed by Google to make networking calls for Android easier. Volley comes out with support for raw strings, images and JSON. By providing built in support for the features you need, volley allows you to focus more on the logic that is required to the app. Volley is developed in… Read More

Recently I have come across a Mockito mocking framework for writing unit test cases. I found it simple to use and have written test cases for my android project. Finally decided to share information, let me start with what is need to start writing unit test cases in Android via Mockito. There will be two… Read More