What is Android Wear? Android Wear extends the Google Android Platform to a new generation of devices, which are wearable. Android Wear allows you to move information in a small, powerful device that can be worn on the body. Excited information such as nearest hotel, way to go somewhere is a tap away, by… Read More

Hey all!! Welcome to the Part 2 of iOS design patterns – MVC design pattern. In previous post (Part 1) you have seen the theory behind the MVC pattern. In this post you will understand with a simple example how is MVC implemented in iOS programming world. Let us a take a simple example where… Read More

When we start learning android development, we all learn that in order to pass objects between activities or fragments, we have to put these objects into Intent/Bundle. Looking at Solution, we realize that actually there are two ways, we can either make our object as android Parcelable or use java Serializable. So, Why to bother… Read More

To start writing apps in iOS you are expected to be aware of certain iOS design patterns and techniques. iOS programming is basically using the features and infrastructure of the frameworks provided. Each of these programming frameworks follow certain design patterns and expect you to be aware of them. And MVC is one such pattern… Read More

Android Monkey Tool is a testing tool which is used to perform stress testing on Android application. Imagine a situation, where your application is given to a user who is able to perform some random streams of events on the application frequently. Sequential and random generation of events may sometime helpful for the tester,who wants… Read More